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Humanize Your Syllabus!

Creating a Humanized Syllabus – with Populr! by Michelle Pacansky-Brock

Any teacher that has taught a face-to-face class understands the preciousness of that first class meeting. So much rides on those first impressions.  As educators, we too can reflect on our own experiences as students and recall how a first class meeting formed impressions about what a class would be like — I can remember thinking all of these thoughts in college on day one:

  • “This instructor is so disorganized!” 
  • “I can tell this class is going to be really interesting!” 
  • “That was the most boring 50 minutes of my life.”
  • “This instructor totally inspires me.”

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The Future Classroom using Smarter Technology

BY ADMIN at Technology in Business
The future of Education using Smarter Technology
A video from Intel that shows the future of education from Intel
by connecting education with smarter technology, Intel offers
a look into the future of K-12 education.

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