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This is a fun, interesting, and colorful infographic created to communicate what every 21st century student needs to know.

Note: There is a link in the article to download your own copy of the poster.


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10 Pinterest Boards Every Teacher Must Know About

Pinterest is a site that is mostly used by people as a visual wish list for what they would want to buy if they had all the money in the world. But, it has great potential as a learning tool, especially for those who respond to visual images. This site is based on visual recognition and visual association. By selecting an image on a Pinterest Board one will be transported to a site filled with important information. This action is full of educational possibilities! Take a look:

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My Top 10 Web Tools as a Teacher

A great short list of places to start exploring webtools for teaching and learning.

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Effects of Allowing Student Resubmission of Assignments

Is allowing students to resubmit their assignments worth the extra work we have to put in grading an assignment again… and again?

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The Teacher’s Guide to Facebook

What can facebook bring to your courses? Are you curious?

If you are interested, take a look:

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5 Unique Uses of Twitter in the Classroom

Select the link to learn more about the ways in which “Social media has found a prominent place in the college classroom”.

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